Hospital receives equipment

THE Taveuni Hospital received oxygen concentrators, which were installed to service the 33 hospital beds last week.

The oxygen concentrators were given through a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Cure Kids Fiji and Rotary, with its purpose to upgrade the standard of services at the hospital.

In a statement, Cure Kids Fiji director of operations Sally Copper said oxygen proved to be a lifesaving treatment for many severe illnesses in children.

“This also includes severe pneumonia in children and severe newborn illnesses, which are leading causes of death in Fiji,” she said.

Ms Cooper said the reliability and availability of oxygen for patients at Taveuni District Hospital would upgrade the services at the hospital.

“For severe pneumonia cases, oxygen treatment has shown to have improved survival by 35 per cent and with the availability of the oxygen concentrators, it will service 33 hospital beds,” she said.

“Oxygen concentrators are small, portable machines which filter nitrogen from ambient air to supply more than 90 per cent pure oxygen.”

The Taveuni subdivisional medical officer, Doctor Alumita Vuakanisakea, was grateful and excited to receive the oxygen concentrators.

“This very generous donation of the innovative concentrators will greatly help us in our delivery of essential oxygen to our patients in a cost-effective manner,” she said.

Ms Cooper said the delivery of oxygen to patients via concentrators had been researched in parts of Africa, Asia and PNG.

“It has significant advantages over conventional cylinders, including being cost-effective and reliable,” she said.

“The Cure Kids Fiji Oxygen Project addresses the pressing and challenging need to ensure that those needing oxygen get it, and has the aspirational goal of ensuring that no child dies because of lack of oxygen.”

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