Hospital puts contingency plans in place after fire

THE Colonial War Memorial Hospital has put in place contingency plans for a month after a fire damaged the boiler on Sunday.

Acting medical superintendent Dr James Fong said they had put in place plans since the boiler, which assists with three major functions in the hospital, was damaged.

“Our boiler machine that produces steam has a number of functions. One is that it supplies linen to the hospital, it also supplies hot water for the kitchen and it is also associated with something we call our incinerator function,” he said

He said they had plans in place to sort out the kitchen work and the incinerator functions of the hospital.

“The incinerator function we have negotiated with the Lautoka Hospital to take some of our incinerator functions and the big one that we have to deal with is the needs of the laundry.”

He said there were also a number of short-term remedies in place for their laundry services.

“These include the use of laundry services in Lautoka on a daily basis, the emergency procurement of disposable linen that we are just in the course of sorting it out now and we do have reserved linen from our linen bank that we are bringing into the hospital to make more bedsheets.”

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