Hospital not ready, claims man

A LAUTOKA man has labelled recent comments by the Health Ministry that it was ready to cope with the meningococcal outbreak as “not true”.

Vijay Anand Goundar claims he took his two-year-old son to the Lautoka Hospital on Wednesday at about 10.30pm.

After being screened by the triage nurse, he was told to wait until the doctor on duty was free to see his son, Trishba Goundar.

“We waited until 1.45am and no doctor came to see him,” the frustrated father claimed.

“I finally went up to the nurse to ask him what was going on and he said there was only one doctor on duty and he was attending to emergency cases.”

Mr Goundar said he took his son home and his wife took Trishba to the Natabua Health Centre on Thursday morning where they faced a similar situation.

“Lucky for me, I am working and I was able to take my son to a private doctor.

“My concern is this — why put out big articles in the media that we have a meningococcal outbreak and tell us all the symptoms, but when we bring our children to the hospital there’s no doctor to attend to us.

“I was not the only parent with a young child, there were others there too with the same symptoms — high fever, body pains and vomiting,” he claimed.

“I really felt sorry for poor families because they spent a lot of money to travel to the hospital.

“It’s OK for me because I have a car, but the Health Ministry really needs to fix this problem,” Mr Goundar said.”

Questions sent by this newspaper to the Health Ministry on Thursday and again yesterday remain unanswered.

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