Hope for better days ahead

FAMILIES in Kese Village that lost their homes to Severe TC Winston remain confident they will rebuild and continue their lives.

Kese Village is one of the worst-affected villages in the Yasawa Group with almost all 62 homes in the village partly destroyed by the cyclone.

Twenty-five homes were completely destroyed.

“All the families who have lost their homes are living with relatives or neighbours in the village,” said Kese Village headman Semisi Vunibola.

He said they were devastated but were determined to put the event behind them.

“It’s true that we’ve lost our homes and all of our belongings, but some people have suffered much worse by losing their family members,” said villager Sainimere Voli.

“It won’t be easy moving forward and we are hoping for government assistance, but we will beat this and survive.”

Another villager Jeke Voli shared words of encouragement to those who suffered because of the cyclone.

“I just want to encourage you all and say that this is not the end,” he said.

“We have survived the ordeal and we will move forward together to rebuild our lives and our homes, especially for the sake of our children. It will be hard but we will get there.”

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