Hope for a all-in society

Fiji Disabled Persons Association Rewa rep Litia Naitanui (left) with Unity Fiji party provisional candidate Naomi Navoce in Suva, on Thursday, June 16, 2022. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Disability advocate Naomi Navoce hopes to see Fiji as an inclusive society where people with disabilities could exercise their individual human rights to live freely and participate in the community.

Ms Navoce, a paraplegic, was one of the 32 provisional candidates announced for the Unity Fiji party last week.

She currently works as an independent consultant doing short-term consultancy work for NGOs and continues to support civil societies in Fiji.

Ms Navoce, a warrior, does not look at her disability to dishearten her chances of progressing further in life.

“I thank the Almighty God and I believe that I have a purpose to serve the nation, and a calling to serve my fellow brothers and sisters with disabilities,” the 62-year-old said.

“Especially to be an advocate on issues that impact the lives of people with disabilities and the marginalised people in our community.

“I also thank Unity Fiji for recognising the experience, skills and knowledge I could bring onboard to the party to stand in the upcoming polls.

“To raise awareness on changes that have affected the lives of the Fijian community.

“I am positive with the support of my family, friends, loved ones, especially my fellow disability organisations.”

Ms Navoce said she would be developing her campaign plan leading up to the general election.

“As per my discussions with the party leader, I plan to reach out to the Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern parts of Fiji with the support of the Unity Fiji party.

“I will be working very closely with our youth candidates in the party, our young people and the disability sector.

“So I can advocate on changes because women need to be part of the decision making.

“We also need to recognise the potential of the young people as they are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Ms Navoce said there would be a wider outreach to her campaign plan.

“I’m here ready to work with you so that we can walk the talk leading up to the general election.

“I will be the voice of the voiceless of people with disabilities, those that are not being heard.

“To implement changes with policies in place that it is inclusive of women in terms of gender equality, inclusive of all people with disabilities, the youths and the old vulnerable people in our community.

“I hope to prepare ahead in terms of campaigning before the elections.”

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