Hong Kong is special

Mr Baber, I heard that you are planning to drop 10 players from the Hong Kong 7s squad because you want them ready for the Commonwealth 7s.

You don’t decide which tournament is important to us.

You know the drill.

Hong Kong is a must win.

You can drop the World Rugby Sevens Series, drop the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games, but never ever think of fielding a second string team to the Hong Kong 7s.

Take the best to Hong Kong all the time.

Don’t rest our players, they are there for the Hong Kong 7s.

I believe they were created by God for Hong Kong 7s victory.

Just forget about this Commonwealth 7s tournament.

I believe it does not mean anything to 7s rugby in Fiji.

This is 7s rugby we are talking about, not athletics.

This is a serious joke.

Enjoy coaching Fiji 7s.

God bless you and your family.

Hong Kong first!

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