Hong Kong 7s on the big screen

The Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team after the captains run at Causaway Bay Sports ground yesterday. Picture: RAMA

The Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team in Hong Kong. Picture: FT FILE

Residents of Khalsa Rd at Naveiwakau and Delaivalelevu, including vehicle drivers should check out the big flat-screen TV at the business property on the left as you travel up Khalsa Rd from Kinoya.

The big screen was bought especially for customers who would like a totally new experience of watching the Hong Kong Sevens, like watching it inside one of the Damodar cinemas.

The business property has a 24 hour car wash, a bakery, a shop, and eatery, while there is hot barbecue served outside for those who want dinner.

There is a small empty space used as a playground by youths of the area next to this business and in this hot weather, it would be a really new experience to sit outside at night with family and friends, with some juice and snacks and catch all the Hong Kong action on the big screen.

By visiting this site and enjoying this big screen and the Hong Kong action, you are also supporting an iTaukei businessman, who wants to be a blessing to residents and customers, who would help his business soar.

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