Homegrown food is best

PLANT produce with whatever piece of land you have — big or small.”

These were the words of 59-year-old Mere Ratukalou who also adds homegrown foods are more healthier and cheaper.

“I have to shop healthy because my husband has just been through a big operation in India,” she said.

“One of his valves has just been replaced so he has to eat mostly vegetables. It’s easy for me because there is only two of us but unless we have visitors or upcoming church events then we have to buy extra groceries.”

Changing eating habits, Mrs Ratukalou said depended on the amount of money someone earned.

“We all understand that things are getting more expensive these days,” she added.

“People may have kids in the house who would want to eat this and that and they can afford it. You can’t just give the kids whatever they want and yet you want to live healthy — its expensive. Every sickness all comes down to what we eat so maybe we should all just try our best and minimise eating unhealthy. Truthfully I don’t have any specific training routine but I fast for two days in a week and my only exercise is walking up and down the stairs of my house — I basically just move around a lot and that’s my only way of exercise.”

Mrs Ratukalou said she previously worked for a regional women’s body that focused on the advancement of women — The Pacific Regional Advancement for Women.

Her daily routine at home is mostly house chores and church commitments.

“I wish all mothers a blessed Mother’s Day this week and I mostly think of the single parents who may not be blessed to get some presents or something special cooked for them,” she said.

“My only advise is we have a Lord who will always be there for you. No matter what you go through and whatever hardship you face, he is there and he will always help you at any time.”

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