Homebrew worry

THE other day I read in The Fiji Times the police were worried about the increase in homebrew.

The police must also be worried about the increase in use of marijuana, ice, glue and other illicit drugs.

A farmer or a labourer or a factory worker after a hard day’s work comes home and wants to have a beer or two but the poor fellow cannot afford it.

Every year the duty on beer and liquor goes up but it has not stopped people from drinking.

This shows that this is not working and may be it is time to make beer and liquor affordable so that everyone gets a fair go.

I believe once this happens people will stop using other illicit drugs and we will save our young generation from getting addicted to them.

The side effects of the illicit drugs are far worse than those of beer or alcohol.

So let’s make it a level playing field where no one is discriminated.

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