Home engulfed in flames, elderly woman safe

A FAMILY is homeless after their two-bedroom house was destroyed by a fire yesterday.

The incident happened at Sukanaivalu Rd in Nabua, Suva.

Bale Tuwai, 34, a neighbour, said she saw black smoke coming from the house yesterday morning and quickly alerted her family.

“There is an elderly woman who lived with her daughter in that house,” she said.

“She was burning old foam mattresses right outside their house before going back inside the house.

“The flames were too high and since it was too close to the kitchen, I think that’s how the fire quickly spread to the house.”

Mrs Tuwai said the woman had to be carried out of the house because she was in a state of shock.

“They went to their relatives in Laqere just a few minutes after the fire broke out,” she said.

“She is in her 80s and she was in a great deal of shock.

“I am thankful that no one got hurt, especially those young men who volunteered to help the family in saving some of their household contents.”

The National Fire Authority said they received a fire emergency call at 10.37am and quickly responded.

“We reached there at 10.47am when we saw the wooden structured house fully engulfed in flames,” a NFA statement said.

“The firemen used deliveries of water from the fire trucks relayed from the fire hydrant in the area to extinguish the fire.”

NFA is carrying out investigations into the fire.

Homeowner, Sitiveni Lalibuli, who arrived at the scene later, did not want to talk to the media yesterday.