Home away from home

Lusiana Tausia shares her love about Rotuma. Picture: SHAYAL DEVI

WHEN Lusiana Tausia first landed on Rotuma some years ago, she was homesick — the thought of missing her loved ones crept into her as she was in a place surrounded only by the sea and very far away from home.

But this homesick and loneliness turned to smiles as the people of Oinafa district took great care of her and treated her like one of their own.

Ms Tausia is married to a gentleman from Oinafa and they have a son and three grandchildren.

Any visitor to Rotuma would not miss this Matuku, Lau lady as she loved to greet visitors and share to them what life on Rotuma was all about.

At the opening of the Rotuma Airport runway, Ms Tausia gladly shared that her village contributed two cows and three pigs to the feasting, hence the beginning of this conversation.

“I love Rotuma because it is paradise,” Ms Tausia said.

“The boat comes to Rotuma after two to three months so if the stock in the shops finish, we can still survive because there is sea around us and there are farms, the sea and even plenty coconuts which we can survive with until the next stock comes.

“This is a lovely place and everyone just looks after each other and treats each other with love and respect.”

Ms Tausia is from Naroi, Matuku with maternal links to Buliya, Ono on Kadavu.

She has also engaged herself in a lot of community activities especially cooking food for those who have worked in upgrading roads and airport runway on Rotuma.

The money earned from this are used to support her family’s needs and buy some of her personal items.

Right now, she looks after her mother-in-law while at the same time enjoys the beauty of the island home.

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