HK7s win celebration

We celebrated at Kava Place when Fiji beat a very strong and versatile Kenya in the final.

Kenya are big, strong and fast.

Anyway, all thanks to Gareth Baber and his charges and to the coaching staff.

Looking at the New Zealand and South African teams, they had relatively young and new boys on the block, so to speak.

But boy did they play their hearts out.

But for me Fiji performed a miracle when they came back from a deficit of 5 to 19 against South Africa,

At half time coach Baber gave them an intense talk. Oh the boys stepped up and eventually won.

Like the commentator said, “Fiji staged a brilliant come back and heroic effort.”

Vinaka boys, Hong Kong is ours again.

Now we look to the Commonwealth Games.

I heard someone say, “Al, one more mix, please.”

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