HK 7s 2018: Fiji 7s boys confident for a good show

Update: 6:15PM JUST hours before Fiji’s first game, coach Gareth Baber is confident they will give a good show in the three-day tournament.

Baber yesterday said they were focused on their first game against Samoa at 12.43am tomorrow.

“We are focused,” he said.

“I am always aware of the team runs, whether they are good or bad before the game.

“We have to realise how we execute our game plan for tomorrow.”

Baber said the boys were in good spirit.

“We’ve got some big threats when it comes to kick chase and all week, we practiced all the big parts of our game,” Baber said.

“We’ve got to be rock solid when we receive the ball and knowing that possession will be the key this weekend.”

Baber said teams would always apply pressure when they (Fiji)  got the ball.

“When we got the ball, we got to force the opposition to use the width of the field to defend against us.

“That’s what we got to do to wear them down and force them to do what we want them to do,” he said ahead of their title defence this weekend.

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