Hizbollah denies sending weapons

BEIRUT – The leader of Lebanon’s Hizbollah said on Monday his Iran-backed group had not sent any weapons to Yemen and denied that it was behind the firing of a ballistic missile at Riyadh from Yemeni territory held by Tehran-allied Houthi forces.

In a televised address, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah also urged followers to listen to recent comments by Israeli officials which he said pointed to ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, Hizbollah’s arch foe.

An Israeli Cabinet minister said this week that Israel has had covert contacts with Riyadh amid common concerns over Iran, a first disclosure by a senior official from either country of long-rumoured secret dealings.

Mr Nasrallah also heaped criticism on Arab states that accused Hizbollah of terrorism at an emergency Arab League meeting on Sunday. He called the charge “trivial and ridiculous”, asking why Arab states were silent about what he described as the destructive war a Saudi-led coalition has waged in Yemen.

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