Hitmen concerns for Pohiva

NUKU’ALOFA – The Tongan Government believes some Chinese businesses in the kingdom might be hiring hitmen to harm their rivals.

But Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva said he forgot to tell Chinese ambassador Huang Huaguang about their concerns at their last meeting.

Mr Pohiva met Mr Huang and a group of Chinese community leaders and members at the Tanoa International Hotel in Nuku’alofa on March 30.

Mr Pohiva said a government taskforce investigating crimes against Chinese in Tonga was trying to confirm reports about hitmen being hired.

He said even though there was no hard evidence yet, the matter was important and if he had remembered to talk about it at their meeting with the Chinse community last month people attending might have been able to help.

“The Tongan Government does not tolerate such violence whether it is against members of the Chinese community or any other community,” the Prime Minister told the Chinese ambassador.

The Chinese in Tonga have been a target of criminal activities because of their businesses.

Police in February established Operation Great Wall with the aim of reducing crimes against the Asian community in Tonga.

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