History of a town that continues to grow

LAMI Town Council was established as a town by ministerial declaration through the Local Government Act in 1977

It is a coastal town in the north-western part of the greater Suva area and is the most densely populated region in Fiji, with 62.1 per cent of the country’s total urban population.

A report by website www.unhabitat.org revealed that its total land area is 680 hectares with population more than 20,000.

Lami is an industrial centre which is characterised by both low-elevation coastal areas and hilly terrain.

The report revealed that Lami Town Council was responsible for certain basic services, such as public works, drainage, waste management, health promotion and welfare with some law-making powers on issues such as garbage collection, building permits and local tax payments.

It is headed by the special administrator Jasper Singh who takes responsibility for strategic direction and a CEO, who is responsible for implementation of policies.

Since its establishment over the years, the town has accelerated its developments.

Earlier this year residents of Lami received a major boost after the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama officially opened the newly renovated Tikaram Park on Tuesday, January 24.

The opening of the $800,000 Tikaram Park project marked a new beginning not only for the Lami Town Council and its people but in nearby areas as well.

The report stated that the park was the first of its kind for people in Lami.

“As businesses and residential buildings spring up within a community, we have to also provide spaces that give respite from the bustle of town life, spaces where our people can spend quality time with their families, exercise, keep healthy and find peace of mind,” Mr Bainimarama said.

The park has a user-friendly feature for people living with disabilities and will also be able to cater for up to 500 to 1000 people.

Apart from that the Lami Town Council is also carrying out developments to improve Johnny Singh Park behind the town.

The developments, is said to have cost about $198,000 funded by the Government.

A report by The Fiji Times on Thursday, January 5 revealed that the park would be used to host rugby and soccer matches.

The council’s special administrator, Jasper Singh, confirmed work was in progress and the major developments would be of great benefit to the residents around the Lami area.”We plan to rehabilitate the park and we have begun excavating the embankment, levelling the ground and putting up a fence around the park. Residents around the Lami area would no longer have to go far to watch a rugby match because the town will soon be capable of hosting games,” he said.

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