Historical chess rating event

Participants at the Fiji Chess Federation Rapid Chess Championship. Picture: SUPPLIED

For the first time, there will be an Under-1800 Rating Chess Championship in Suva this weekend to celebrate Ratu Sukuna Day.

The three-day competition was announced by Fiji Chess Federation general secretary and volunteer Goru Arvind, who says the competition will rake in some of the best chess players in the country.

“This is a standard format tournament with 30 minutes plus 30 seconds per move in nine rounds of play,” Arvind said.

Former Olympiad reps with Under-1800 FIDE ratings like candidate master (CM) Ronald Terubea, women’s candidate master (CM) Gloria Sukhu, and women’s national chess champion Tanvi Radha Prasad are expected to intensify the competition.

“Our team has introduced an Under-1800 event to encourage more new players to achieve World Chess Federation (FIDE) ratings in the standard format. The invitation is also extended to new chess players in Fiji who do not have a FIDE rating.”

He also mentioned that the primary school and secondary school divisions would be heavily contested by many young and upcoming chess players, some of whom have represented Fiji at overseas tournaments.

“Players such as Latileta Masau of Dudley Intermediate School, Makayla Sukhu of Suva Grammar School, Ayush Chand of Jai Narayan College, Phillip Sukhu of Marist Brothers High School, Zayne Elmond Keshwan, Anush Chand of Gospel Primary School, Yash Prasad of Deenbandhoo Memorial Primary School, Kairav Anand who is home schooled, and Abhiru Herath of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Primary School to name a few.

“Classical chess is the longest and most difficult of all formats,” said Arvind.

“This is an opportunity for our team to keep an eye on new players who have the patience and ability to potentially represent Fiji in an Oceania zonal or World Chess Olympiad where a single match can stretch to four or five hours.”

The competition will take place at the Fiji Olympic House (FASANOC) in Suva from May 27-29.

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