Hindi language important for the country

Indian High Commissioner Vishvas Sapkal. Picture: FILE

THE World Hindi Day was celebrated at the University of the South Pacific in Suva last week.

During the ceremony, Indian High Commissioner to Fiji, Vishvas Sapkal said the Hindi language was important for the country.

“It is nice to celebrate World Hindi Day in Fiji because Hindi is the third official language in the country,” Mr Sapkal said.

“Hindi in India is also an official language and one of the 22 official languages.

“In India, during the freedom struggle, Hindi had become the main medium of communication for the mass people.

“When you travel down to the interior parts of the country, it is nice to see Hindi being spoken very widely,” he said.

He said it was important that in Fiji and India, Hindi had become a main communication language.

He added that the next World Hindi Conference was recommended to be held in Fiji.

World Hindi Day is celebrated annually on September 14 as the Constitution Assembly in India adopted Hindi as a state language.

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