Hill calls on women to be involved in boxing

Winston Hill (right) in an earlier international tournament. Picture: FILE

SUVA Boxing & Fitness Gym co-founder, Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist, Winston Hill says its high time that Fijian women are involved in boxing. Boxing in Fiji is dominated by men. Hill made the comment during the Fiji Amateur Boxing Association three-bout program at the gym at Toorak, Suva, last Saturday.

“It is a great sign that we are rebuilding the sport, especially the name and with more and more people being introduced or re-intoruduced to the sport,” Hill said.

“It is high time women are introduced. It’s a great way to empower them and give them a chance to be in the spotlight especially in a sport like boxing.”

His call came in line with FASANOC’s move to popularise women’s participation in sports through the Women in Sports Commission which is led by former local lawn tennis champion, Hamidan Bibi.

“The gym, in association with the FABA, have revived amateur boxing development program, a platform from which the FABA squad to the Pacific Games next in Samoa will most likely pull the athletes they will take to represent Fiji.

“In my opinion, Fiji has never taken a woman to any international scene. Any woman can step up to the table and be a star in her own right.”

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