Highlanders play for sick children in Fiji

Highlanders players and local officials for the team with Suliasi Sereicocoko during their visit. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Children and parents at the Children’s ward were all excited with the visit of three Highlanders players last Thursday.
Tevita Nabura, Joshua Dickson and Patelesio Tomkinson, who were part of the travelling squad that played against the Chiefs over the weekend at the ANZ Stadium, visited the sick children at Colonial War Memorial Hospital.
Seven-year-old Joave Modrau said he was happy to see rugby players, who he had only previously watched on television, to pay him and other children a visit.
“Seeing these famous Super Rugby players has inspired me to play rugby,” he said.
Joave’s mum Loraini Qio said she was so thankful to the three players for visiting the sick children.
Shareen Lata was in tears when the three players shook her son’s hand and posed for a picture. Her son Rishav Lal, who has leukemia, has been admitted for the past three months at CWMH. Ms Lata said the visit was special for her son. “My son smiled and was cheerful when he met the players,” said Ms Lata.
Nabura said they played for the sick children of Fiji. “It is an honour for us to visit the children at the hospital. Visiting and talking to sick children are very touching moments,” he said.
The visit was part of the Highlanders team promotional program for their first match in Fiji. The children were given a Highlanders flag and had picture opportunity with the players.

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