High time for action

A worrying trend - more young people are presenting themselves with high blood pressure and other health problems associated with the disease. Picture: AOPA

ALARMING! That’s what it is in one word.

The situation we have where more and more of our younger people are turning to medical facilities and are diagnosed with high blood pressure and other ills associated with it.

One cause of alarm is in itself the fact that the number keeps climbing.

We have to ask our younger people, and the other members too, why this is so. It’s imperative that we do so if we are to succeed in the initial stages of combating this scourge.

We have to ask the right questions to unearth why more young people are being diagnosed with this problem.

The report states several reasons, lifestyle among them.

Given the abundance of information we have, we should not have this problem.

However, information on its own, is no use if we do not do anything about it.

Maybe it’s time to change how we look to address the problem. Instead of just looking at it as a medical problem, we should look at it as a spiritual one.

Here’s why.

Outsiders often comment on how religious we are, attributing often times everything to God. The very same deity who gifted us with our lives.

When we pray, we thank God for the gift of our lives. Maybe, we should tackle this a bit more deeply; the words we utter and if they translate into action, if they translate into our living healthier lives.

If they don’t, then our prayers thanking God for the gift of our lives are just empty words, lies to be more exact, because of the mismatch between our words and actions.

Maybe, just maybe, more people would be more conscientious with the choices they make in regards to their lives.

Sometimes when there is a problem, and you can’t say we don’t have one, people are heard talking about a multipronged approach.
To those prongs which already exist, we should think about adding a spiritual thrust to remedy what is wrong.

And as with a lot on initiatives, we should target the young for that is where we can hope to make the most effective change.
Of course, we must also explore other avenues to tackle this problem.

If we don’t, those who are supposed to be full of life and its enthusiasm will be too busy dealing with medical issues and bills with little time and energy for anything else.

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