High tide flood Wailevu cane farms with seawater

Update: 6:19PM SUGARCANE farmers in the Wailevu Tiri area in Labasa are experiencing the effects of climate change regularly as their farms continue to be inundated with seawater on a regular basis.

Farmer Akash Chandra said sugarcane farms in the area were immersed in seawater at every high tide. 

Mr Chandra said in the next 20 years, they were expecting the worse for their farms.

“This is something that we deal with every day when the tide comes in,” he said. 

Another farmer Kaushal Kumar said sea level rise affected farmers in the area a lot. 

Mr Kumar said sugarcane production in the area had been affected by the effects of climate change. 

“We are experiencing it first-hand and are working with Government agencies to try and mitigate these problems.”

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