High hopes for vendor

TITILIA Cavora has hopes to expand her business once the new Laqere market opens. The 60-year-old mother of five has been a market vendor for 30 years after leaving two jobs to be where she is now.

She spent 10 years working at a restaurant before she became an office cleaner and adds the money she earned from these jobs was not enough to take care of her family.

According to Ms Cavora, she never saw herself as being a businesswoman.

“I could testify I was ashamed at the idea of having a market stall,” said Ms Cavora.

“One of my namesake had a market stall and asked if I could look after it before she left for Australia. I was working as a cleaner then and when she asked me to look after it for three months, I told her I couldn’t do it because I didn’t know how to. She then advised me to start by selling leafy vegetables because the money earned would be enough to keep the stall running. Sure enough it did and it was from here I was eager to start my own small market business.”

Ms Cavora said after she gave birth to her youngest child, she decided to it was the right time to start her market stall at Laqere.

“It was the right place to start because it was going to be close to my son’s school,” she said.

“From then on, I never looked back despite facing challenges. And because there are a lot of market stalls, business is sometimes too slow. Before when there weren’t a lot of stalls, we would earn twice as much in a day, but now it’s less.”

She sells coconuts, chillies, pawpaw, tomatoes, cabbages, lemon, cucumbers and spring onions to name a few — most of which are bought from the middlemen.

“On some days I only earn $50 but I’m still thankful because at least I’ve earned something,” said Ms Cavora.

“The prices of pawpaws fluctuate now and again but they are healthy to eat and drink when blended. Anything fruity is good for this extreme hot weather we’re experiencing.”

Ms Cavora plans to expand her business once the new Laqere market is complete.

“I plan to begin a poultry business once the new market is complete,” she said.

“From there, I hope to expand into selling kava too.”

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