High hopes for bowls

THE Fiji bowling team departed our shores yesterday with high hopes of winning a gold medal for the country at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

Team manager Curtis Mar said Fiji had won silver medals on many world championships and the side had the opportunity to create history this year.

He said he had faith in the players and the team would do its best for the country.

“What colour the medal doesn’t really matter but inside us we are going for gold,” said Mar.

“Gold always punches above its weight. We have had a number of silver medals at a few world championship levels and one at the Commonwealth Games so it’s not outside our reach and that is what we are going for.”

He said the team would have a few friendly games against other participating countries before the Commonwealth Games started.

“When we get there we will try and have friendly games against countries that are not in our group to have a few hit-ups.”

He said the bowlers had prepared well and had few games in the country before departing for the games.

Mar said Arun Kumar would feature in the singles while David Aitcheson and Rajnesh Prasad had formed a good partnership in the doubles.

Evergreen Semesa Naiseruvati will team up with Kushal Pillay and Arun Kumar in the triples.

Fiji team: Men: Kushal Pillay, Rajnesh Prasad, David Aitheson, Arun Kumar, Semesa Naiseruvati

Ladies: Sheryl Mar, Litia Tikoisuva, Loreta Kotoisuva, Radhika Prasad, Dorin O’Connor.

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