High Court finds man guilty of raping stepdaughter

THE High Court in Lautoka has found a man in Nadi guilty of raping his stepdaughter on three separate occasions in 2014.

High Court judge Justice Sunil Sharma said the court believed the complainant did not in any way give her consent to the accused when she was 14 years old.

According to the court, the accused raped the young girl to the point that she got pregnant.

However, in court it was revealed that the complainant’s mother did not believe the child when she revealed that she was raped by her stepfather.

The child was beaten with a hosepipe by her mother instead.

Justice Sharma said he did not believe the evidence given by the complainant’s mother who seemed to be blaming the complainant and protecting her husband.

He said he also believed the complainant’s statement that she was approached by her stepfather to lie to police officers during their investigations.

The High Court judge agreed with two assessors who found the accused guilty.

The father of three has been further remanded and will be sentenced later this month.

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