High court appeals to public to respect legal process

Manasseh Sogavare Photo: RNZ

HONIARA, 02 MAY 2019 (ISLAND SUN) – The High Court in Solomon Islands is advising the public to respect the process of court ahead of the civil case action between Matthew Wale and Manasseh Sogavare and Our Party at 9.30am tomorrow.

In a press release, the High Court said the case will continue for a mention.

“This is a normal procedural hearing before the court for the parties and the Court to attend to preliminary matters to prepare the case for a hearing.

“It is important to appreciate that at times a court case is not as simple as one might think, for it might involve complex issues of law, interpretation of the law and, or the Constitution and, or disputed facts,” High Court said.

“Once the parties have prepared and attended to the necessary matters and any directions issued by the Court, there will be a hearing allocated to decide the case.

“The Court is very aware of the important matters of public interest in this case and is progressing the case in the interests of justice and the people of Solomon Islands timely,” it said.

“The Court is concerned that the public understand the process and progress of this case and the matters that have been addressed so far and yet to be addressed by the Court and avoid speculation and spreading false rumours and stories around,” High Court said.

On April 23, 2019, at 10am Wale filed an application in the High Court naming Sogavare and Our Party as the defendants to the application. The application sought to have the Court make determination on a number of issues under the Political Parties Integrity Act 2014. Those matters (the substantive matters) are yet to be heard and determined by the Court.

The case will be back in Court on Thursday, May 2, together with the now new application brought by Wale to address any procedural matters to prepare the matter for a hearing and any other matters that may be filed for determination on behalf of Sogavare and OUR Party.

The High Court said it is important to appreciate that the substantive issues are yet to be determined and that there should not be any speculation or guessing about the process and progress of this matter and any other matters to be filed and determined by the Court.

“It is important to note that once matters are filed in court, these will take time and so the members of the public should not spread false stories around about any judgement or decision to be made for the matters before the court are yet to be fully heard and determined,” it said.

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