High Bovine TB rate

THERE is a high infection rate of tuberculosis in cattle and this needs to be eradicated, says National Farmers’ Cooperative Ltd chairman Hirday Lakhan. Mr Lakhan said authorities needed to carry out TB tests quickly on cattle to help eradicate the disease.

“We must continue with TB testing, but we should do it in a faster way because this needs to be eradicated. It has grown in numbers which is sad,” he said.

“We should focus on what is left on the farms since we are getting very limited information on that from relevant authorities.”

He said rearing of calves was not an easy job for cattle farmers.

Mr Lakhan said some cattle farmers were thinking of alternative ways to try to bring back the stock they had lost.

“Farmers are talking about importing and if that has to happen then they will have to work with the biosecurity. We need to see the requirements to import cattle from overseas and to make sure they do not have any sort of disease.” 

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