Hibiscus Festival

SINCE this year’s Hibiscus Festival is to be held closer to the ocean I’d like to suggest to the committee that a floating boom be placed at least 100 – 200m offshore around the perimeter of the seawall being used. With the amount of plastic rubbish that is usually generated by such events there is bound to be a fair amount of plastic getting dumped into the ocean at the foreshore during the week long festival.

I don’t know what type of “wall” is being built to prevent this but with a floating boom offshore this will trap any floating plastic that makes it into the ocean and prevent it from spreading out into the harbor and out to sea.

With a floating boom the plastic rubbish can be collected easily and disposed of in the proper manner. With the help of the Suva Harbour Foundation, Suva Ports Authority,

Total and Mobil I’m sure this can be easily achieved to help clean-up our already deteriorating Suva Harbour and try to bring it back to what was once a harbor you could actually swim in and fish from.

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