Help for villagers

THE construction of footpaths and a new sea wall at Viani Village have become new projects of American peace corp volunteer Hanan Allen.

Ms Allen, who has spent 11 months in the village in Cakaudrove, believes the villagers deserve to be assisted.

“During bad weather, the village ground is in a very bad condition that it becomes soggy and people need to wear boots to walk around,” she said.

“This is one of the first things I noticed in the village so we discussed with village elders and they agreed to having a footpath in the village.

“The project will definitely help villagers and students walk around freely during bad weather condition without having to worry about soggy grounds.”

Ms Allen has also seen the need to have a sea wall to prevent the deteriorating condition of the seashore.

“I am working with other stakeholders and the villagers to do this project and works would begin soon.

“We have done all our preliminary work and the support from the village elders has been terrific.”

Having switched homes from an American city that never sleeps to a Fijian rural quiet village has been a slow transition.

“I am coping and loving the lifestyle here in Viani. It is the total opposite from New York City where I live in the States as it is always busy with lots of traffic,” said Ms Allen.

“Viani is beautiful, quiet and no traffic at all. So I am using this environment as a time of my life to enjoy and appreciate life always.”

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