Help for farmers

GOOD news for farmers affected by the recent adverse weather because they would receive assistance soon.

Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea said those whose farms were damaged during the heavy rain and flooding experienced in the North would be assisted accordingly.

Responding to concerns from farmers in Korotari who had lost their farms to heavy rain and flooding, Mr Vocea said the Department of Agriculture in the North was monitoring the situation with farmers.

“They are at the same time carrying out their assessments and analysing farmers needs which is also part of our report to the National Disaster Management Office,” he said.

“At the moment farmers are receiving food rations too from the Northern Division Emergency Operations Centre (NDEOC).

“Farmers will also receive planting materials and seedlings from the Agriculture Department.

“I understand that the personnel from the department are carrying out their damage assessment reports daily.”

Meanwhile, a situation report from the NDEOC yesterday revealed that 332 farmers in the provinces of Bua, Macuata and Cakaudrove had been affected by heavy rain and flooding.

As of yesterday, the report estimated the value of damage at $491,653.80.

It stated that farmers had lost assorted vegetables, rice, dalo, cassava, banana and vudi crops from their farms.

Affected farmers had requested for free seedlings from the Department of Agriculture.

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