Heavy duty vehicles for better service

MITSUBISHI Fuso trucks deliver better fuel economy than many other work trucks, go further between service intervals and haul more payload.

What makes this new model different from the rest is that it produces light, medium and heavy-duty trucks for a disparate range of operating conditions.

And that’s not all the Fuso trucks are true professionals when it comes to fuel efficiency and robustness.

Here are some content of this truck.

Lifetime value- lower cost of operation is one important element. Another is longer vehicle life, so the profit keeps rolling in, so besides being fuel efficient our trucks and buses require less frequent maintenance. Comfortable and easier to drive and maintain, they reduce fatigue making them safer as well. Built rugged and durable they are backed by service and support second to none.

Economy- performance, utility, longevity. Mitsubishi engine have it all. Smooth shifting transmissions enhance fuel economy.

Design and drivability- aerodynamic contours increase fuel efficiency. Drivability and comfort keep drivers fresh and alert.

Service and support- easier, less frequent maintenance plus outstanding service mean more time on the road.

Efficient and reliable- these highly efficient direct injection diesel engines combine an optimal balance of high power output and torque with low fuel consumption. Innovative Mitsubishi Fuso technology enhances durability to ensure the reliability heavy duty applications require.

Wider perspective- big windshield and mirrors designed for visibility. Comfortable seat, adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic instrument panel, reduce driver fatigue, improving safety.

Space to sit back and focus on the road- the spacious cabin is designed to reduce driver fatigue keeping the driver alert, fresh and focused, a safer and happier driver.

Easy in easy out- steps, grips and wider opening doors simplify getting in and out.

Enjoy a smoother ride- the cab is mounted on coil springs that soak up bumps and vibration.

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