Heavy duty trucks

PROVEN quality, durability and reliability, combined with class-leading chassis versatility, the Hino 500 Series remains the medium duty truck of choice for operators around the world.

With more than 90 models available, the outstanding Hino 500 Series range continues to offer trucks buyers total flexibility and choice.

The all-new Hino 500 Series wide cab boasts the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium duty truck category — in an Australian-first for this class, vehicle stability control is now fitted as standard across the new wide cab range.

Another class-leading active safety feature is the standard inclusion of a microphone enabled reverse camera.

Built ready for work, the Hino 500 Series “built-to-go” tippers provide medium duty truck buyers with a cost-effective truck and tipper body solution.

The Hino 500 Series Tipper is factory fitted with a Hino genuine steel tipper body, in addition to the Hino 500 Series’ already extensive list of equipment.

Fuel consumption

Meandering through Wollongong’s northern suburbs, the digital readout was showing a fuel figure of 2.8 km/litre (7.9 mpg) for the run south.

Ahead lay the long climb up Mt Ousley and after a short-lived drop down to 6th gear at 1400 rpm on the sharpest lip, the Hino literally hammered the second half of the haul in seventh gear.

By any measure it was a strong, determined performance soon repeated on the long slogs leading to the freeway for the northbound run back to Hino headquarters.

Fuel consumption on the return leg from the base of Mt Ousley to Hino headquarters was fractionally better at 2.9 km/litre, or 8.2 mpg in the old measure.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, the only conclusion was that this re-run in Hino’s FM2PK simply verified first impressions of an exceptional contender for six-wheeler rigid work, especially in regional roles.

No question, it’s a tough and congested market but with surprisingly tenacious pulling power, smooth ride quality, good steering and road manners, and a generous standard specification, Hino is now better placed in this category than any time in its Australian history.

It’ll be more than a tad interesting to watch over the remainder of this year and beyond if the broader market finds not only this model but the full range of Hino 500-series wide-cab trucks as impressive and perhaps surprising as some of us already have.

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