Healthy living is the key

HEALTHY living is the key to happiness says Emosi Navunisinu who features in this week’s Times Shopper.

Originally from Nabouwalu in Bua the 58-year-old is a security guard at MHCC in Suva who has spent 23 years working in two different security firms.

Mr Navunisinu said he was with Guard Force for 10 years.

He resides in Nasinu and leaves his home at 6am every day to beat the traffic and start work on time.

Mr Navunisinu said he earned $150 a week and the money helps support his small family. He budgets the family’s shopping expenses. Mr Navunisinu says security guards play an important role in many aspects of today’s businesses, from construction sites to shopping malls.

“Security guards work for private security companies and are assigned to different locations, such as banks or residential buildings, supermarkets, business owners’ homes and public events to name a few,” Mr Navunisinu said.

He lives with his wife who he describes passionately as the love of his life.

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