Health Ministry to equip centres

EQUIPPING all health facilities with modern, state of the art technology and equipment to support the delivery of quality healthcare will be one of the main priorities for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

The 2019/2020 National Budget has funds for urban hospital equipment which include medical beds, incinerators, trolleys, boilers, furniture and fittings for new health facilities.

And to ensure hospitals have the necessary equipment to support efficient and effective delivery of health services, $1.7 million has been set aside for this.

For subdivisional hospitals, health centres and nursing stations, an allocation of $1.6m is for the purchase of medical beds, generators, incinerators, furniture and fittings for new health facilities.

A total of $687,531 is budgeted for procurement of equipment to replace unservicable dental equipment, purchase new equipment for dental laboratories to assist in making dental prostheses, and purchase spare parts and accessories.

The ministry will need to purchase biomedical equipment for urban and sub-divisional hospitals ensuring that health facilities have the appropriate biomedical and anaesthetic equipment to efficiently and effectively provide health services to all Fijians.

The ministry has been allocated $5.5 million to cater for this.

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