Health Ministry reveals rugby player’s family engaged in ‘traditional healing’ against medical advice

The late Monika Koroidrekelevu. Picture: SUPPLIED

The family of Nadroga Fijiana rugby team, Monika Koroidrekelevu, had engaged in “traditional healing” against medical advice before her passing.

This, according to a statement yesterday from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

The ministry stated while it expressed the deepest sympathy for the victim, it had to clarify issues raised by the public.

“The late Ms Koroidrekelevu was admitted on June 28 for an emergent surgical condition,” the ministry stated.

“Following diagnosis by our medical specialists, the patient and her family were counselled on the investigation results and recommended treatment.

“In keeping with her family’s wishes, a decision to engage traditional healing was made.”

The statement said the victim was discharged on July 1 against medical advice.

“In this case, a timely diagnosis of the patient’s condition was made and appropriate treatment offered.

“Furthermore, our clinical data does not support the contention of trauma as the cause.”

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