Health ministry begin disinfectant spraying campaign post-flooding

Update: 7:26PM FIJI’S Ministry of Health and Medical Service’s Environmental Health Unit has begun a disinfectant spraying campaign in flood-affected areas to control the spread of communicable diseases such as diarrhoea, leptospirosis, typhoid, and dengue.

The disinfectant, Pynol, is a safe general-purpose disinfectant proven highly effective in eliminating germs and reducing the risk of infectious diseases, and is used by relevant authorities around the world to combat germ contamination and the spread of infectious disease. 

As of last week, the health inspectors in the Western and Northern divisions have been visiting homes, schools and evacuation centres to spray disinfectant, particularly in the areas most severely affected by the flood. 

The ministry is working with municipal councils to conduct these spraying and awareness activities in both urban and rural communities, according to a Government statement issued this evening. 

It is also advising families to maintain their hand washing habits before eating and cooking, after visiting the toilet, and even after touching any unclean surface. 

People are advised to boil drinking water and also practice proper hygiene when eating and preparing meals. 

The ministry has also urged everyone in flooded areas to avoid swimming and or bathing in muddy water or floodwaters as much as possible to avoid getting diseases like leptospirosis.  

People are also advised that should they experience fever, headache, vomiting or blood in stool to visit their nearest local health facility to seek medical advice. 

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