Health facilities to remain open

HEALTH facilities will remain open for the next 48 hours to handle emergency cases.

The hospitals will remain open to receive emergencies while health centres may close if there were power and water disruptions, a government statement stated yesterday.

There is a likelihood that health facilities will only provide the basic essential services because most of its staff members were either rostered in an emergency operation centre (EOC) or reside in high-risk and inaccessible areas.

All the non-essential services such as the special outpatient clinics are cancelled until further notice while the re-booking of special appointments will be made as soon as the weather is favourable.

All major hospitals will continue to provide its services to the critically ill and hospital visitations are restricted to close family members only.

The public is advised to contact the following EOCs for more information:

* Ministry of Health and Medical Services national EOC – 3544228;

* Lautoka Hospital EOC – 6230700;

* Western Health Services – 6660411;

* Northern Health EOC – 8812522;

* Colonial War Memorial Hospital EOC – 3313444 and

* Central/Eastern Health Services EOC – 3320844

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