Health checks

THE average Fijian is not health conscious.

Stronger, regular check-ups and preventative medication can help you combat diseases and health problems.

Cancer, heart problems and diabetes wreak havoc in people’s bodies and sometimes, the damage is so severe that it is difficult to undo.

Treating such diseases is not easy, they impose tremendous stress on the family, and if there is a fatality, the emotional void is hard to fill.

While life-threatening aliments are known to show no symptoms until it is too late, statistics indicate that ignorance and delay in treatment causes more deaths, more than medical failure ever will.

People today are busier than ever and health often takes a backseat for most.

There is constant pressure to meet demands, both at home and at work.

While trying to juggle one’s responsibilities, diet and sleep patterns go for a toss. Unreasonable work hours and deadlines cause immense stress that most people, especially in urban areas, beat by smoking or consuming alcohol.

As a result, their health takes a severe hit. Much of this can be avoided by undergoing regular screening and preventative check-ups. Adopting the critical pre-emptive measures the doctor recommends can help one prevent diseases from taking root or delay them at least.

Preventative care involves getting one’s self checked regularly to detect health problems at an early stage. Treatment can then be initiated to counter the crisis before it sets in.

During a preventative screening, the patient’s blood and urine are tested for cholesterol, different forms of cancer, blood pressure, depression, immunity and pain points in the body to determine his or her overall health condition.

As per the findings, the frequency of further check-ups is decided. In cases where there are pre-existing conditions for some diseases, it is absolutely essential to go for regular screenings to fight the symptoms as and when they appear or progress to a more alarming level.

Early screening helps maintain good health.

Initially, no health issue is big. Because they are not diagnosed in time, they sometimes become life-threatening.

Health check-ups can nip many disorders in the bud, if people start taking them seriously. For many, time constraint is an issue. While it may be genuine for some, it is a poor excuse for others.

Ignorance is another reason for not getting a check-up done. People are not careful about their illnesses and skip seeing the doctor until it reaches an advanced stage.

As cancer results in many facilities, it is important to get one’s self screened after the age of 40. Pap smear and breast examination, in particular, must be undertaken after mid-30s.

Heart related diseases are on the rise and many people in their early 40s are getting affected.

Hence, it becomes imperative to undergo a preventative screening. Advancements in screening procedures have made it possible to identify condition that could reduce a person’s risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from the good that these check-ups do to one’s health, the financial cost involved in dealing with a disease in a progressed stage is huge.

Battling the symptoms even before they appear with timely check-ups reduces the financial burden.

Sincere efforts should be made to keep ourselves healthy. As the popular saying goes ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, it is imperative that we take steps in the right direction.

By simply undergoing a health check-up on time, we can prevent or delay the onset of various health aliments.

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