Health and wellness focus

THIRTY youths have been trained as fitness leaders in their respective communities to help curb increasing reports of non-communicable diseases.

The youths have been tasked to promote healthy living and wellness programs in their villages.

Trained by the Fiji Sports Commission through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the youths will work with village leaders in carrying out the programs.

The commission’s development officer north, Saiasi Bose, said they had noticed an increase in the number of people affected by NCDs.

“The whole idea is to train these leaders and give them the knowledge they need for them to go back and use it in their communities,” he said.

Mr Bose said the program would fully inform participants of the importance of a balanced daily routine, including a balanced diet.

“We teach them the importance of eating a healthy balanced meal and having a proper diet so they remain physically fit and physically ready for any sports,” he said.

“These participants become our workers on the ground and they will fully carry out the programs for us.”

Mr Bose said the program would enable development of skills related to establishment and management of community multi-sports clubs.

“It also develops events organisation skills, designing club structures, constitutions and codes of ethics for club stakeholders,” he said.

“It would also prepare new clubs for affiliation with higher levels within their sporting structure.”

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