Health aid for kids

CORONA Fiji will give essentials to 75 children who will undergo heart operation by a visiting Indian medical team next week.

Corona Fiji vice-president Denise Kloeden said the team was always looking forward to assisting women and children.

She said Corona Fiji was working closely with the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) and the Fiji Heart Foundation.

“There are 75 children coming from Lautoka, Labasa and some of the outer regions and we’re working very closely with the Fiji Heart Foundation to assist these children,” Ms Kloeden said.

“Corona has decided to give gifts to everyone, to the children that will be operated on and their parents because they are staying in the hospital with their children.

“We’ve got essentials for children under 12 months including the older children and coffee, tea and fruits for their parents.”

Some of the sponsors towards the donations are Asaleo Care, New World IGA, Atlas, Nippon Trading Company, International Women’s Association, Corona Fiji members, Novotel Lami and the Raiwaqa Bakery.

All gifts will be given to the Fiji Heart Foundation for patients recovery.

Those wishing to give gifts can drop them at Ms Kloeden’s residence at 236 Ratu Sukuna Rd in Suva before April 10.

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