Headman saves woman

THE village headman of Nayavutoka in Nakorotubu, Ra, Timoci Nabogibogi, led by example when he risked his own life to save another.

During the height of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston Mr Nabogibogi and 10 other men were helping to move villagers to safer ground when he heard a faint desperate cry for help.

Mr Nabogibogi said the cry was from his 52-year-old cousin, Losalini Muani, who was underneath a pile of debris that was washed up by tidal waves.

He said he could hardly hear her voice because it was suppressed by the sound of the strong winds.

He said when he reached her, he saw multiple tidal waves approaching them and she asked him to be left alone because she was so convinced she was going to die.

“Tavalequ au kerekere au sa rauti au vakavinaka saraga na vanua qo me sana yaco vei au na lewa ni kalou. (My cousin please let me stay here, let God’s will be done in my life),” Ms Muani said.

Mr Nabogibogi told our news team that he thought of every possible way to convince her to go but she would not budge.

“Au qai tukuna vua, na veiqaravi qo ena sega ni rawa meu na laivi iko ike. (In my line of work I cannot leave you behind),” Mr Nabogibogi said.

“Ke vaka qai lewa na Turaga me daru qai mate edua na vanua qo, daru na mate. (If it is God’s will for us to die here, then we will).

“Ke vaka esa nona lewa me daru na bula au na kauti iko kina I drodro I cake qo. (If it is God’s will for us to live then we will make it to the evacuation centre).

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