Head boatman

Toberua Island Resort head boatman Mosese Vonovono. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

MOSESE Vonovono is the first person guests of Toberua Island Resort meet when they arrive at Nakelo Landing in Tailevu.

Mosese, who is from Naimalavau in Nakelo, Tailevu, is the head boatman who transfers guests from the landing to the island resort. He has been a boatman for seven years with the resort.

“I started working for the resort back in 2001, as one of the maintenance staff and I helped the staff who were doing renovation work on the island at the time,” he said.

“I did maintenance work for a while until 2010 when our former head boatman resigned from the job and I applied for the position. He knew how to operate a boat but didn’t have a licence until 2010 when he attended a training and acquired a licence.

“Lucky for me, I had attended a boat master’s licence training on the island in 2010 and had acquired a licence so I had the skills and knowledge on how to operate a boat. I was given the job and have been working as a boatman ever since.”

He said what he loved about his job the most was the fact that he’s the first person guests greet and meet during their stay at the resort.

“I’m the first person they meet at the landing and I’m the one that officially welcomes them on board before they are greeted by the staff on the island,” he said.

“When I was working in maintenance I didn’t really get a chance to talk a lot to the guests on the island, but that all changed when I became a boatman and I love every moment of it.

“Our teamwork around the clock to provide the best service to our guests and we make sure that they are happy with the service we provide them during their stay.” He said he did boat transfers for guests depending on their arrival.

“Sometimes we take the guests out on the boat to picnic spots right to Moturiki Island, we take guests out on snorkelling trips, fishing and even to Bird Island where the guests enjoy bird watching,” he said.

“I love working out at sea more than working on land because through operating the boats we get close interactions with the guest and we are the first people to greet and meet them when they go to the island.

“We have three staff, but when the need arises we also ask staff members who have boat licence to assist us because we want a flow in operations during transfers or other activities on the island.”

He said one of the most important things he told the guests before any boat transfer or trip was their safety and what they needed to know.

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