He made his own race car

KRISHNIL Singh drives a sleek silver Toyota Glanza V powered by 4EFTE Turbo 5 speed manual LSD running on a 15 inch wheels.

The Glanza V has a maximum speed of 180kmp/h and has a time of 14.6 seconds in ΒΌ mile track, but is also capable of doing 13 seconds.

Apart from being a car enthusiast, Mr Singh is an auto electrician and auto dealer by profession who spends his free time working on his car with the help of close friends.

Singh says his ride is a street legal race car and also participates at the drag race events in Pacific Harbour.

“I bought this car from a guy who was in Nadi and after purchasing it I brought it down to Suva for modification works,” Singh said.

“I always wanted a fast car at a young age and I’m proud of the fact that I own one today. I have spent $10,000 on modification works and it took me one and a half years.

“It takes a long time to build a car because parts are not available locally and we have to always import it from overseas.”

He said his passion for cars started from watching movies featuring cars and then it slowly developed into something I needed to have, like driving something fast just like in the movies.

His dream car is a Nissan Skyline R34GTR V Spec.

“Now my car has been upgraded with a TD04 Turbo and has a lighter shell and it will undergo some more modification works soon,” he said.

“I would like to tell other car enthusiasts building their cars to take their time in perfecting the car works. Rushing any car project is not good, so take your time if you want to accomplish that perfect outcome.”

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