Hats off to PM

I am a Fiji-born Canadian who observes and follow aspects of Fijian politics and wish to kindly salute our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama for his unselfishness act of giving and uniting our beloved nation. He has gone out of his way to sacrifice and achieve what Fiji has never accomplished by the past governments.

Mr Bainimarama has truly united the country with our neighbouring nations and this is a milestone achievement which no PM has ever done.

His no-nonsense approach and strict but fair policies make a big difference on the global stage.

Our Canadian PM will only appear to address the nation a few months before the elections.

Mr Bainimarama not only deserves a medal but appreciation from all Fijians.

In difficult times he was there for all Fijians. He personally took time out of his very busy schedule to help the poor and gave words of encouragement to the less fortunate.

What else could our fellow Fijians ask for?

Hats off to our hardworking PM.

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