Hateful style of politics must end: Konrote

President Joji Konrote inspect the guard of honor during the opening of the new 2018/2019 Parliament session yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

“I AM here today (yesterday) to tell you that fear mongering, communalism and the hateful style of politics must end this very moment.”

This was told to Members of Parliament by President Jioji Konrote during the opening of the Parliament yesterday.

Mr Konrote said those backward ways of thinking had no place in Fiji’s august House.

“All of you have sworn solemn oath or affirm your allegiance to defend our democracy, you have sworn to protect our Constitution – the very document that allowed you to come into this Parliament and grant you the privilege of speaking on behalf of our citizens,” Mr Konrote said.

He also reminded the newly-sworn in MPs that State’s established institutions were independent.

Mr Konrote said he knew that some MPs had been subjected to scrutiny by Fiji’s judiciary and those matters were only for the courts and not for Parliament.

“We can never tolerate any effort from any in this room or from any Fijian to undermine the very foundation of our democracy by attacking our institution of State.

“We particularly cannot summon binded by our emotion into unfounded assaults into any of the institutions simply because we do not agree with an action they have taken.

“If the court does not rule in your favour that does not mean our courts are not independent. It simply means your case carried insufficient merit. “While you are free to then pursue any legal means at your disposal, that doesn’t give you a pass to then subvert the system that delivers justice in this country,” he added.

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