Harvest green cane, Chetty urges farmers

MAKE every effort to harvest and transport fresh green cane to the mill.

This was the message from the Sugar Cane Growers Council to farmers in the Western Division.

“We are aware that there is a huge labour shortage issue and many farmers are struggling to find canecutters,” said the council’s chief executive officer Sundresh Chetty.

“We have 27 mechanical harvesters in operation and are expecting the arrival of another 17 and this should boost harvesting for growers.

“We are urging all the growers to take advantage of the prevailing good weather to harvest and transport as much green cane as possible.

“This way, the mills will be able to process the cane and get maximum amount of sugar.

“If growers can transport cane now, it will assist the industry when the wet weather sets in,” he said.

The Fiji Sugar Corporation has projected a total harvest of 2.1 million tonnes this season.

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