Harry to champion investing sustainability in young minds

Mr South Pacific Recordings Harry Joseph Tukutukuwaqa. Picture: SUPPLIED

INVESTING sustainability in young minds is the theme that Harry Joseph Tukutukuwaqa will be advocating on at this year’s Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus festival.

Having being sponsored by South Pacific Recordings, the 21-year-old from Wailevu in Wainibuka, Tailevu, with maternal links to Nalawa, Ra, said he believed that if one was to have a better and productive future, it would have to start by investing time in young people.

“Growing up, I have encouraged so many of my relatives and even my parents that there is no greater time than using your time and resources to make children and young people productive not only for now but for the greater good, and that I believe that the Hibiscus platform would be the best place to stand and share on the national level,” Harry said.

The former Ra High School student is a student at the University the South Pacific, and said he had always wanted to take part in the Hibiscus pageant ever since he was in Class 5 when he watched the talent night and attended Hibiscus for the first time.

“It made me think that one day I could be the one standing up there doing what I love the most and sharing what I think is right for people,” Harry said.

“I was able to enter when a friend told me that auditions for the Hibiscus Festival 2018 was open for young people.”

Harry said one characteristic that was worth showing on the national stage was the capability of attracting people’ s attention and being creative in presenting what was right.

“I believe that with this quality, I can reach into the hearts of people and reach out to other nations that need change and sustainability.”

He said the Hibiscus experience so far was very hectic, especially in looking after family, church and school commitments.

“With everything that’s happening, I believe that where there’s a will there is surely a way.”

Harry said one thing he wished to share in this year’s Hibiscus was strengthening the time that adults and parents waste that should have been used on securing and investing positive beliefs and lifelong values in young people.

“This is because I believe that the more time parents and adults spend on their children, the more productive outcomes the young people will focus on in achieving a better future.

“My preparations have been my individual work but I am blessed to be working around people who have guided me through, especially my coordinator and the prayers of my family trusting and believing that I am positively going to get through this and learn a few other lessons of life.

“The most exciting thing about being a contestant is meeting other contestants and learning how things that have happened in their lives that have helped them to be who they are now and what they are trying to advocate on in this year’s Hibiscus festival.”

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