Harry and Meghan Fiji visit: Duchess leaves behind message of moral grounding

The group of students who met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex today. Picture: AQELA SUSU

A GROUP of students from the University of the South Pacific’s Faculty of Arts, Law and Education was reminded by the Duchess of Sussex of the importance of having moral grounding in life.

Lagagali Tavaiqia was among more than five students from the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education who were selected to meet the royal couple during their visit to the university yesterday.

Ms Tavaiqia, a postgraduate law student at USP described the Duchess as “approachable and very down to earth”.

“For me personally, it is such an honour to be here to meet the head of the Commonwealth Youth Organisation,” she said.

“It’s an amazing opportunity. It’s different from submitting reports to certain organisations compared to having the heads here to hear our concerns and encourage us in our work. She was very lovely.

“She was very approachable, very down to earth and she just radiated that warmth that I felt safe enough to share with her and converse with her.”

Ms Tavaiqia said the Duchess also encouraged them to continue with their good work.

“It was such a great honour and I’m so blessed to be here.”

The group gifted Meghan a hand-woven basket that also had different artifacts symbolising certain issues that they were championing in society.

“When I had shared with her about our issues particularly to the oyster and the analogy, I could tell she was very touched because she mentioned how important it was to have moral grounding in life.

“Whatever comes our way, she said it’s very important to have moral grounding.

“And I found that that’s one of the things that we miss in life, we miss the fundamentals of life; the morals, the values,” she said.