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THE drink mixer is powered by 400 watts to rotate up to 15,000 revolutions per minute. This allows you to whip cream or egg whites until stiff in the shortest possible time.

Whey, protein shakes and cocoa beverages could also be prepared quickly. The one concept DM-B bar mixer features is two different speed levels, which could reach 8000 and 16,000 revolutions per minute, respectively.

This optional connection of further performance simplifies the creation of delicious beverages. Mix sparkling cocktails like daiquiris, caipirinhas, or piña coladas whenever you feel like it, or grab fruit, natural yoghurt and some cream for the perfect fruity drink for a snack — the multitalent drink mixer makes it possible.

Whether its rye, wheat, white, or multi-grain, many people like to have toast with their eggs. As a matter of fact, many breakfast specials include toast as a part of the meal. If your establishment serves breakfast or brunch, then it’s pretty important for you have a way to make your customers some toast.

Fortunately, Modyl toaster makes a variety of pop-up — toasters that can lightly or darkly toast various kinds of breads, bagels, or English muffins. If you’re looking for an economical and efficient way to provide toast for your patrons, completing their bacon and egg dishes then the Modyl pop-up poaster is for you. Best Choice Products is proud to present the brand new double deep fryer. It’s perfect for commercial uses such as restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars or home use. Instead of going out, now you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Use the groceries you already have in your kitchen or pantry to make yourself a hot meal in minutes with its 11 litre (5.5 litres each (up to 15 lbs. fat) tank capacity.

Purchase the double deep fryer to save money and enjoy cooking at home with peace of mind.

The conveyor toaster series is designed with a variety of commercial applications in mind, whether it be café dining or for heavier demand required by the military, fast food outlets and boarding schools.

Ideally suited to self service, boarding houses, canteens and fast food applications, the Modyl conveyor toaster is a stylish and versatile counter-top appliance. Suitable for bread, muffins, crumpets and buns the conveyor toaster toasts up to 300 slices per hour. Toast may be delivered from the front or the rear of the appliance.

This handy food grade electric griddle allows your business to have a high turn over of quality food and the removable grease tray and splash guards make clean up easy.

This stainless steel electric griddle features a large flat cooking surface that could cook large volume of food at the same time, and could heat up to 300°C for any type of food. For easy cleaning purposes, it has a removable grease tray. Of course, it is SAA & CE approved to guarantee that it has been proven to be electrically safe.

The Empire CPO-2 18-inch electric conveyor pizza oven offers outstanding value for money. Baking pizzas to perfection, time and time again. Simply place the pizza at one end of the conveyor and wait for it to come out of the other. No need to constantly check on the product or open and close doors.

So visit Narhari today and check out their range of commercial appliances for your business.

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