Hand carry baggage

WITH regards to the new policy on the hand carry on baggage that Fiji Airways has introduced at the airport from February 2, 2015.

On April 14, my mum had a flight to New Zealand and she carried a hard cased hand carry baggage which measured 50cm high x 30cm wide x 23cm thickness including the handle and wheels.

According to Fiji Airways official website the required total dimension of the bag should not exceed 115cm.

To my understanding, the total dimension of my mum’s bag was 103cm that complies with Fiji Airways policy for hand carry on baggage, that is 12cm less than the total requirement as mentioned in the website.

However, she was stopped by the person in-charge just before the check-in counter advising her to put the bag onto the scale box made by Fiji Airways which measures 56cm high x 40cm wide x 20.5cm thick those are clear inside space.

Obviously the bag did not fit into the scale box because the thickness of her bag was exceeding 3cm hence, the officer didn’t allow her to take as hand carry baggage into the flight.

She informed that officer that she has been using that same bag for the past five years, which she bought from Prouds store in Suva and specially designed for hand carry bag for travelling overseas.

After hearing the above I then called Fiji Airways 24 hours reservation department and spoke to a person by the name of Sam, he confirmed to me that if the baggage does not exceed total dimension of 115cm then the bag should be allowed as carry on baggage regardless if the same baggage does not fit into the scale box.

I then called Nadi International Airport and spoke to Manoj Kumar, the departure manager in-charge, who told me if the baggage does not fit into the scale box, the passenger won’t be allowed to use it as carry on bag and would have to pay a penalty fee of $F100.

He mentioned these were the rules enforced on ATS by Fiji Airways.

My question is, is Fiji Airways telling the passengers to buy a bag which is less then the maximum dimension as stated in their website or should Fiji Airways clearly spell out the policy to the ground staff at the airport?

Or re-look at the scale box dimensions, which I believe no hard case bag will ever go through that tight space.

Or is it a total shenanigans?

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